Today is my birthday. I am 51 years old today.


Back in my younger days, the idea of being 51 terrified me. That number represented being old, over the hill, no longer experiencing life but merely existing, assuming I would pass away into ancient insignificance.

Oh, how wrong I was! How arrogant. How self-pitying.


51 is a great place to be! I may not be young anymore but I don’t need to be put out to pasture quite yet. Thanks to some great choices I’ve made in the last year, I am healthier than I was, even in my 20’s! I am (mostly) comfortable in my own skin and in who God formed me to be. My relationship with God, my husband, my children, and others, are so much deeper and sweeter than before. I have a sense of purpose that I had searched for my entire life and have finally found.

51 is pretty cool.

I am not just existing, I am living life to its’ fullness. Waiting on God to reveal His will for my life as I enjoy my freedom to explore what might be out there for me. I have a family I love beyond measure. Connections made with friends on a deeper level than ever before. A job that gives me an opportunity to serve others instead of merely providing a paycheck. Finally being brave enough to go way past my comfort zone to try new things. And LIKE it!

On this, my first day as 51, I choose embrace all God has given me and to be willing to continue to expand my horizons and enlarge my world. I can take chances, be OK with possibly failing, and learn from every experience, even the negative ones.

I am 51. Happy and proud to be 51. Excited to see what 51 will bring. Appreciative of the gift of 51 years from my Savior.

51…and counting.

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