Loving god’s people unconditionally

There are so many rules and regulations that people have tagged onto religion. I don’t believe that those kind of guidelines are necessarily what God had in mind. It surprises me how many people can spit out Bible verses with amazing clarity and precision but also with venom and without any compassion. We are all created in God’s image, therefore we all have worth in His eyes. People make choices and sometimes those choices are something I know God has declared to be unbiblical. Does that mean I should berate and harass them? How is that showing God’s love?

There are a lot of hot button topics out there in Christian circles and everyone has an opinion. Here’s mine: I love God and I love God’s people. I don’t decide who is worthy of God’s love and who is not. I know the truths of God’s principles and the one that seems to be the recurring theme more than any other topic in God’s Word is love. I am no one’s judge or jury. I don’t have the qualifications. I am imperfect, flawed, and always learning. I am a sinner, saved by grace, not because I have a free pass. I have some prejudices that I need to work out in my own mind, with God’s help, but I am a work in progress. I am no better or worse than anyone else on this planet. Being a Christian does not give me license to dictate how someone should live their life.

I want to take as many people to Jesus as I can. The idea of anyone spending an eternity in Hell breaks my heart. But without showing the love of Jesus as we speak to others about Him, our efforts are useless. Who would want to follow an unsympathetic, heartless God? Wouldn’t that just prove the futility of Christianity?

I have many friends who live their lives differently than my own. They are truly my friends, not Christian projects I’m working on converting. I love and respect them for who and what they are, as God’s children and as people I care for personally. I myself am capable of any sin at any time. We all are. The day I get cocky about my supreme spirituality is the day God becomes disappointed in me.

God loves us unconditionally. I need to learn to love like that. Without fear, without judgment, without handing out a checklist of what is required for my acceptance. We are called to love unhindered and abundantly. I won’t give up sharing my faith with others, but I won’t make Christianity a prerequisite of being my friend.

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