Copy Editing and writing services

To keep things simple, I charge one fee of 5 cents per word for all types of writing, with a minimum of 600 words and a $30 deposit. I offer everything from sales writing to guest blogging. If you’re not sure I do the kind of writing you’re looking for, ask me!

Please contact me for a free consultation and explanation of my policies.

Listed below are the types of copy editing services I provide. For more information, email me at

All writing and copy editing services offered are based on the industry standard manuscript page of 250 words.

Copy Editing: Checking the text for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, clarity, consistency, and continuity. Electronically edited on Google Docs. 2-5 manuscript pages/hr. $30/hr.

Substantive/Line Editing: Copy Editing plus rewrites/restructuring with client approval. 1-5 manuscript pages/hr. $60/hr.

Web Copy Editing: Copy Editing for websites, blogs, and other online resources. Recommended changes suggested to client on a separate document. 1-5 web pages/hr. $60/hr.

Developmental Editing: Helping client to develop a book or project from start to finish, including Substantive/Line Editing and extensive planning. 1-5 pages/hr. $90/hr.

For your convenience, you can pay by check or money order, or by using your credit or debit card. I only accept cash if we are meeting locally and in person. Mailing information will be given during your consultation.

For easy payments, please follow this link: