“Theresa did an amazing job writing and copy editing my book. She even went through hundreds of hand written recipes! I could not have put out my cookbook without all of her hard work.”

~Faye Story, author of Grandma Faye’s Southern Cooking

“Theresa exceeded my expectations. She not only took the time to connect with me on a personal level, she wanted to connect my website content with who I am and what I was trying to convey. I not only received excellent content edits, I received piece of mind. Theresa is not only well experienced within her industry, she is extremely professional and trustworthy. I am very grateful to have worked with her.”

~Sean Erwin, owner of Convurt Coaching

“When a story idea popped into my head many years ago I decided to write it out on paper. I just started to write and tell a story. I got to the end of my story and thought, ‘What do I do now?’ A friend introduced me to Theresa Kenny and told me she might be able to help. I am so glad I let her read my story and make some necessary adjustments to it. She found a few run-on sentences and many tense errors, where I started a paragraph in the past and somehow ended up in the present. She was extremely helpful. Now I have a more grammatically correct story. It definitely sounds more professional. I would recommend her to any writer with a story to tell. She is a big encouragement to me.”

~Keith Runyon, author of The Body of Chris

“Through knowing Theresa, I have enjoyed the experience of her gifted talent. I love her true love of words and how she knows precisely the way you feel every word. I love how she helps writers to take you into the story, to feel the writer’s experience. She also has the gift of connecting with her clients, helping them to bring out the best in their writing. Her knowledge of language and connection are a must for anyone experiencing the desire to write. I am looking forward to my book being completed and published soon and I am grateful for her help and guidance. Thank you, Theresa, for all you have done to give me the confidence to write my book.”

~Linda Young, owner of Linda’s Essential Inspirations

“Theresa! You are AMAZING. I love how you KNOW my style. You intrinsically just KNOW me. You are able to correct my grammar, my writing, and make it sound MORE like me. I am more than blessed to be working with you. Thank you for being so awesome~ I can’t wait to see all the greatness that blossoms out of our relationship.”

~Carrie Verrocchio, owner of Bella Vita, LLC